What Now?...

Our wedding package offers the most features to help capture those magic moments and special memories.

  • Guest book/Scrapbook station with dedicated attendant.
    • A copy of each print is put into a premium scrapbook.
    • Guests are encouraged to leave a note.
    • Colored pencils/markers, stickers, stencils, and more are available.
    • Attendant ensures that the station stays busy, and that guests aren't distracted from this feature.
  • Wedding themed props
    • A mix of wedding and out party props, curated to match you weddings theme.
  • Dedicated booth attendant.
    • Attendant interacts with guests encouraging high jinks.
    • We keep up with the flow, mood, and fun of your special day.
    • Boa Attack - If people need encouragement to have fun, we may toss boas there way as the countdown reaches ZERO.

Extras and Upgrades

  • Roaming Photographer
    • A second shooter, roaming your venue and capturing special moments.
    • Shot list can also include capturing each tables guests, sections of friends and families, etc.
    • Helps to send guests over to the photobooth to capture them having fun when the countdown reaches one.
    • Can help guests capture photos on their own devices
  • Slideshow screen
    • BIG HD Screen playing a slideshow of all the shots taken in the booth
    • Excellent addition to the lounge area so people can see whats happening at the photobooth.
    • Extra slides can be added withe the weddings schedule, hashtag, and embarrassing photos from that one trip...
  • Deluxe Backdrop Selection
  • Anything offered on any other package.

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