Hello, We offer managed WiFi for your events, this is not internet access on its own, but a part of the puzzle.

A strong WiFi signal, when coupled with managed access and internet access can help to improve your guests experience, and provide a way for them to share their experience real-time on social media, without the stress of worrying about their data cap.

Managed WiFi with our devices can connect up to 250 people, at the same time! Our equipment provides a mesh system blanketing your venue in strong WiFi signal. The equipment then manages the internet connection so that each device(Phone. laptop, tablet, etc) has an equal part of the internet “Speed” available.

Internet access is needed for the WiFi to get online, although we can provide a locally hosted website tailored to your events specific needs. For internet access though, we typically would take an Ethernet connection at the venue, then connect our equipment that will manage the internet access.

But my venue already has WiFi!

Please talk to the venue, find out if their are multiple access points, a router, and what equipment this is, then let us know. If their setup is similar or better than ours, we’ll let you know!