Our Approach

We provide a memory making experience with a media activation that will engage and entertain your guests.

Our Reason

We have always had a passion for adding that 'something special' to events that we have been a part of over the years, and now we aim to bring that something special to your event!

Our Story

Having met while working at an Outdoor School (AKA Science Camp) Steven and Aseneth have always had a passion for working with youth, and making every aspect of every event they are involved with, memorable. This passion has led them to serving with youth and young adults groups, where their expertise and experience is shared with those around them, helping to bring up a new generation of leaders, impacting their communities. Over the 10+ years they have been a team, bringing passion and excellence to their endeavors, and now they hope to add that passion to your next event.

Meet the Team

Murphy's Memories is built up of The Murphy's, Steven and his wife Aseneth.


Steven Murphy

Chief Memory Maker

Steven is an avid entrepreneur,  working in the gig economy space since before it was a thing.


Aseneth Murphy

Memory Makers Muse

Supporter in this endeavor, ear to ideas, and the eye for details that me don't seem to get.

Next Steps...

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